What Do Space Ships and Thumb Wars Have In Common?

September 21, 2017

Spaceships and thumb wars may have nothing in common in your world, but in mine they are part of a welcome invasion of synchronicities!!!

A friend pointed me to an interesting website that takes you on little space ships to navigate the site (freedomhackers.com), and then the next day Google had a space ship theme above their search bar!

One day my daughter introduced me to thumb wars, and within a week we found ourselves watching a rerun of a show from over 10 years ago, where the kids were playing thumb wars!!


My son’s middle school teacher was giving a Back To School night presentation about appropriate clothing, and making everyone laugh with her description of a “Bro Tank” with super long armpit holes.  The very next day, I took delivery of my organic produce box from a man in just such a top!!!  Yikes!!!  AND one of the items in the box was wrapped in a Panda Express bag, which not only cracked me up, but also made me marvel.  Just the day before, a friend took me there for lunch!  I had never been there before!

I LOVE all the synchronicities, because they make me laugh, lift my spirits, invite me to get curious, and give the feeling that there is magic around us!  And here's a hint:  when you look for them, they happen more often :)

May you have a synchronicity-filled month!


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