Miraculous Dumpster!

You just can’t bloom if you’re buried under a bunch of STUFF! That’s why I’m so stoked about the 27-9 process I learned in the “Your Year of Miracles” program. Mark off 9 days in your calendar when you will COMMIT to giving or throwing away 27 items (each day). You can see my short video about it on my YouTube Channel:

27-9 video There is some kind of MAGIC in this commitment, because within days of me having the thought, “I need a dumpster!” of those 30 yard bins showed up at my neighbors house!! And he wouldn’t even let me pay him to put a car load in it!!!

The magic of this specific process might have something to do with the numerology of 27 and 9...these numbers are both about clearing out mental and physical clutter in order to make room for the new and improved. It’s possible that I have been underestimating the power and importance of clearing space. What I know for sure is that this game is FUN, and opened a floodgate of clearing and purging for me that feels FANTASTIC!! I can’t wait to see what shows up for the space I’ve cleared out!

Happy Purging Friends!!!

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