Inner Brick Wall

Once upon a time, there was an incredibly talented woman who had great gifts of art and words of wisdom to share with the world, but she was afraid. Every time she even thought about sharing her art, or poems, or meeting new people at networking events, she would be overcome with fear. She didn’t know why this fear had such a grip on her, and she called this thing her INNER BRICK WALL.

She was struggling under a huge amount of debt, in an abusive relationship, and having to move every 6 months or so. Even the clients she had in her business were abusive to her. She felt desperate for change.

As we began to uncover and clear the foundations of that inner brick wall, incredible shifts took place in her life. A relative unexpectedly stepped forward to pay off the student loan debt, her PITA (Pain In The Arse) clients moved out of her experience, and her business began to grow with clients who loved her and were willing to pay her for the value she was giving them! Today this amazing lady is living an incredible life; teaching, creating, and having a positive impact on the other side of the world! She has also found the Love of her life. It has been the most incredible transformation to witness, and it’s the reason I am so passionate about the work I do!

If you know any amazing ladies, struggling with fear and anxiety, I hope you will share my name with them, and let them know I offer complimentary consultations. The consultation is what I call a clarity session, and it can be in person or over the phone!

May this month of Love be filled with the most important kind of Love...Self love!

How will you show yourself some love for Valentine's?!

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