I'm Turning 50! What?!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

It’s kind of mind-blowing to face it...I’ve been on this planet for half a century! No joke, I turn 50 next week! Why do we live so long?! I often ponder the pet dogs we’ve had, and wonder why their stay is so short :( Maybe because they are so present and good at being connected with well being; I think they fill their life purpose right from the start! While we takes most of us a bit longer to get to our life purpose work. All the way into my 40’s, I was living my life from logic and not giving much weight to creativity, intuition and spirituality. Now I’m seeing life through different eyes and appreciating the magical ways that it all unfolds! Check out my Toastmasters 5-7 minute speech about how my family and I used Law of Attraction to get our stolen puppy back!

This speech won me 2nd place in the Toastmasters Area 62 Contest last Friday, and earned me a spot in the Division level on April 5th! Would you help me with my birthday wish to get a custom URL for my YouTube channel?! (It takes 100 subscribers to earn that feature!) Click HERE to see the video at my channel, and the subscribe button will be below it I LOVE the journey I’m on now. I’m actually stoked for the next 50!! It doesn’t mean everything is going great. I haven’t figured out how to avoid difficulty and disappointment. Actually, I no longer believe that is the point, and besides, there is so much to appreciate!!! It’s about the journey; the relationships you build, how you grow from them, and how you react to whatever the heck crazy things that show up! May your spring be glorious and full of new insights!

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