Coming Out Of The Career Closet

Being trained as an engineer, it’s been a challenge for me to take a road less traveled, and follow my heart and my passion into helping people. Now my practice is evolving, and it's time for me to own my value and skills as a...Healing Facilitator! There, I said it! Gulp! It's not easy to stand for something that is not mainstream and barely heard of, but now is the time! I have opened the doors of my new business, Jenny Hughes Healing! The work is highly effective, and beautiful in how it connects the science of neurology with spiritual concepts like body wisdom and healing.

For a glimpse into the effectiveness data, see my"Astonished By The Numbers"post. One way to describe this practice is" Wellness Care." Let’s face it, there is plenty of “Illness Care” out there. We are not taught to take care of our wellness. We are taught to go go go, and achieve until our bodies say, “STOP! You need help!” Then we seek “Illness Care;” a practitioner who can fix our issue, so that we can continue our lives where we left off. We are taught to look outside ourselves for a cure. All you have to do is look around at the general population to see how well that is working. It's time for a better approach, and I believe that is healing facilitation. Notice the word 'facilitation.' I do not perform healings. I teach my clients strategies for promoting their own innate ability to heal.

A coaching client of mine inspired me to come out of my "career closet" in the summer of 2019.  After just 2 weeks of care, she met her short term goal to improve the quality of her sleep. She excitedly told me that this work is the evolution of my practice, and I must move forward with it!

Jenny Hughes Healing is my new business, and as always, consultations are complimentary!

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