Are Resolutions Just Self Torture?

Dear Friends,

When resolutions start to feel like just another way to beat yourself up, it’s time for a new approach. I personally think there is more to be gained by looking at your accomplishments from the previous year! The Law of Attraction says we get more of what we focus on. Therefore, it makes sense to me to look for what went well last year, and build momentum on that!

My recommendation for January is to re-celebrate at least 3 things that went well last year. (Hint: they don’t have to be big things!). If you keep a Celebration Jar, this will be easy! If you’re having trouble coming up with any, scan your calendar to look for forgotten gems!

Celebration Jar

Do you keep a gratuity journal? It’s a wonderful way to positively focus yourself before going to bed, and is very satisfying to look through at the end of the year.

If you get reminded of something negative or a mistake you made, take a few minutes to reflect on what you learned; what wisdom you gained from that experience. And remember Albert Einstein’s wise words,

“Failure is success in progress!”

May your 2019 be Magical!


Coach Jenny

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