Increase Your Income With EFT Tapping?!

Dear Friends,

My favorite thing about the coaching work I do, is the quirky and awesome things that show up!! A couple of weeks ago, I shared the “Process For Adding An Extra $1K Monthly Income” with a friend. The VERY NEXT DAY, he got an e-mail from his work saying that due to an accounting error, he was overdue to receive a commission check from last the amount of $1,001.00!!!

I figure this means it’s time to share that process with all of you! It involves EFT Tapping, so if you need a quick demo on how to do it, see my YouTube channel here!

Tapping Points Video

The process is to tap on that specific desire, and to do it daily (not everyone gets results the next day!) Tapping works best when you use your own language, but it’s helpful to have a script to get started. Set a time in your day that you will do this tapping. It only takes 5 minutes or so. I like to do it before bed so that I’m going to sleep with that intention.

Please share with me what shows up!!!


Coach Jenny

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