Got Analysis Paralysis?: Using Body Wisdom to Make Decisions

Dear Friends,

Last weekend, my friend Andrew invited a group of us on an all-day, river hike on the north fork of the American River. I knew it would be challenging for me, but I’ve been hiking hills a lot lately, and figured I could do it.

When we got to the trail head, I was disheartened to see the amount of smoke in the air, blocking our view of the mountains on the other side of the canyon. I asked my friends if that was going to stop us, and they said NO! Well, it looked pretty bad to me, and I thought it might be too much for my lungs to handle. However, I had severe FOMO...Fear Of Missing Out! Utter and complete indecision set in.

It was time to take my brain out of the equation, and check in with my body wisdom. After all, our brains can be tricked and manipulated by all sorts of external data, but not our internal wisdom. The tool I use is what I call “The Chair Process” and I got it from my training in Colette Baron-Reid’s Intuitive Coaching program.

Set 2 chairs up next to each other (at the trail head, I used 2 similar sized rocks, which were big enough to sit on). They each represent one of the decisions. I took 2 little pieces of paper, wrote 1 choice on each and folded them up to look similar. It’s nice when you are with other people so they can mix them up and set them 1 on each chair so that your brain doesn’t know which is which.

Take a turn sitting in each space to feel what it’s like. Most of the time you will find one of them has a more comfortable feeling to it. Sometimes I get colors, shapes or visions that give me hints towards which answer I’m sitting in. For example, one time I got a clear no when the chair showed me a big quicksand pit!

I’m so happy to report that the ‘Yes Rock’ was the one I picked, and we went on to have a wonderful, EPIC hiking experience that I loved! The smoke wasn’t even an issue!

The next time you’re struggling to decide on something, take some time to check out the chair process, and let me know what you discover!


Coach Jenny

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