Law of Attraction WIN!

Over the 4th of July week, my kids, Adam & Leah, were camping with their Dad, Allen, and beloved Shiba Inu puppy, Fuki. While enjoying a Lake Tahoe beach, which was a ¼ mile in from the road, Fuki got free and ran back to the parking area. By the time Adam got there, she was gone. Two girls told him they had seen someone pick her up, put her in a car and drive away. We were all devastated. Allen started putting up signs, making calls to the police, and posting to social media. When we had done everything we could think of, deep sadness set in, as it seemed unlikely, given the circumstances, that we’d ever see her again. But I said, “NO. This is NOT the story I want to tell! I want to tell the amazing story of how we got her back!!” I told them we had to focus on what it would FEEL like to get her back. We spent dinner brainstorming all the crazy ways she could come back to us. After each idea was spoken, I would say, “This or something better!” We searched the beach and trail to the parking lot once more, calling her name and picturing her adorable face suddenly appearing. But it was quiet and dark, and she was not there. With heavy hearts we left Lake Tahoe, to go back to their campsite in Truckee. Leah and I were in my car, and we continued to brainstorm crazy stories...This or something better!! It was 10:30 pm when the call came in...The people who had Fuki decided to call the number on her tag!!! We almost couldn’t believe it! She was 1.5 hours away, but Allen and Adam couldn’t wait until morning, and they drove straight there to pick her up. It feels like a true miracle to celebrate, and I am newly inspired in the ideas of Law of Attraction and being mindful about where your focus is pointing. Would they have called if we had spent dinner lamenting our loss? Only God knows...

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