Turtle Message

Recently I heard someone say it’s good to visit new places; it gives you new perspectives. Right away it hit me...I pretty much go to the same places every week!! I am a creature of habit, but there is a part of me that likes to explore, so I decided to set an intention to visit new places each month.

Quickly, I realized it’s a little stressful coming up with ideas and making plans, and the idea promptly fell to the bottom of my priority list. But then a cool thing happened...I pulled onto my road, and sitting to the side, looking very out of place, was a large box turtle!

It didn’t seem safe there, so I took it home. Posting on Nextdoor seemed like a long shot, but I thought my neighbors would have some ideas. Lo and behold, my neighbor Dave wrote back a few hours later, and claimed it as one of the residents of his turtle pond.

We theorized that she went looking for a place to nest, and ended up taking an unexpected ride down the irrigation canal to my road! We had a lovely visit with Dave and his wife Judy on their beautiful property, and got to feed the turtles one evening. My daughter named her “Dora the Explorer” LOL!

Check mark on visited a new place, and a couple of take-aways...visiting new places doesn’t mean you have to go far, and don’t feel like the ideas all have to come from you; set an intention, and let the Universe send you something!

With Love,

Coach Jenny

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