What Do Space Ships and Thumb Wars Have In Common?

Spaceships and thumb wars may have nothing in common in your world, but in mine they are part of a welcome invasion of synchronicities!!! A friend pointed me to an interesting website that takes you on little space ships to navigate the site (, and then the next day Google had a space ship theme above their search bar! One day my daughter introduced me to thumb wars, and within a week we found ourselves watching a rerun of a show from over 10 years ago, where the kids were playing thumb wars!!

My son’s middle school teacher was giving a Back To School night presentation about appropriate clothing, and making everyone laugh with her description of a “Bro Tank” with super long armpit holes. The very next day, I took delivery of my organic produce box from a man in just such a top!!! Yikes!!! AND one of the items in the box was wrapped in a Panda Express bag, which not only cracked me up, but also made me marvel. Just the day before, a friend took me there for lunch! I had never been there before! I LOVE all the synchronicities, because they make me laugh, lift my spirits, invite me to get curious, and give the feeling that there is magic around us! And here's a hint: when you look for them, they happen more often :) May you have a synchronicity-filled month! Cheers, Jenny

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