The Myth of Hard Work

Most of us have been taught that we must work hard to succeed. And we believe it on a deep level. We believe it so much, that we deny ourselves relaxation and play, with the idea that we don’t deserve it, yet. We live in a state of stress and exhaustion, trying to keep up with this belief. What if we have it all wrong?! That’s what I’ve been hearing a lot lately from great teachers, like Deepak Chopra and Abraham-Hicks. In the wonderful meditation series just released by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak, he says, “Rest and relaxation are not luxuries!” What a concept! He points out that the best ideas are cultivated in times of rest, rejuvenation and celebration. On some level, I know this concept is true, and I can even think of examples of it working for myself and others. And yet, I find the voice that tells me to go-go-go to be very loud and persuasive. After I take my kids to school, I feel the weight of my to do list, and feel the pull to get into action right away. There is a voice in my head saying, “You don’t have time for meditation, GET TO WORK!” I had to make the decision to honor the part of me that KNOWS time in stillness is important. Now I never regret taking the time to meditate. I feel less stress, more connected to myself, and sometimes even get ideas that benefit my life! Do you have an ‘action’ voice in your head that is stopping you from taking time for your own well being? Tell it to take a little daily vacation; it will do you some good!

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