Do You Secretly Look For Disappointment?

Lately I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about the struggle to keep thinking positive. Everyone has things in their lives that are frustrating, and it seems much easier to focus on those issues, rather than what is going well. While the world’s thought leaders are telling us to focus on gratitude, it can feel even more frustrating when our mind just doesn’t want to focus on that! I think it helps to understand why we have this challenge. It’s survival! We are programmed to look for danger! Our subconscious programming says, “Yes, yes it’s a gorgeous day, but I’ve got to be on the lookout for that dangerous _____ that is going to BITE me in the butt if it gets the chance!" And to top it off, the mind is also looking for evidence to prove that it’s right, and totally justified in watching out for the bad stuff. I’m completely guilty of not just thinking, but also saying things like, “Well that’s just typical (huff and sigh).” What can we do? First, love and compassion for ourselves, with the understanding that it’s all coming from wanting to feel safe. When we can honor all feelings and motives behind our thinking, it creates space to ask for something different. We can say, “Even though I have all this frustrating stuff going on, I deserve better and I chose hope. I am meant to live an expansive, exhilarating, GREAT feeling life!” In my next workshop, I’ll be addressing the frustration AND HOPE, specifically around money. It was so exciting to teach this class last month, and to watch a room full of unsuspecting job seekers get big Ah Ha moments and shift their energy around money! I hope you can make it! If you've already done the Money Map with me, and thought it was amazing, I would be very grateful if you went to my business, Lighter Life Coaching, on Google to leave me a review! With Love, Jenny

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