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Clear Your Path To Success & Create a Life You Love! ~

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Your Window to a Lighter Life


Does it seem like there is a frustrating ceiling on your income?  Is debt suffocating you?

Are you having limited success with weight loss?

Do you need support with a challenging relationship?

What if I told you that we all carry hidden programming that can specifically block money and success in all areas of our lives?  Inner programming that literally sets limits on your income, your savings, the amount of debt you carry, and even your weight!  It also keeps you stuck in painful, repeating relationship patterns.  Would you want to uncover that programming and be able to change it?

“You are the sky. Everything else—it’s just the weather.”
~ Pema Chödrön


Get Started

You are here, because on some level, you are ready to evolve into the next best version of you. That You who lives confidently as someone who is Loved, Respected, and Paid Fabulously for doing work they LOVE!


STRESS in the nervous system is the number 1 issue affecting our health and well being. Using fun and effective mental, physical, and spiritual tools, I've made it my life's mission to address chronic stressors that are blocking our success. 

Contact me now to schedule your complimentary Clarity Strategy Action phone session. I will ask powerful questions that get us both clear on where you are stuck, and together, we will define your next best strategic action step towards what you want.

3 Steps to Release Struggle

& Get Satisfaction

Why am I so miserable? I did everything I was supposed to do! Does this sound familiar? It’s the question I was asking myself a few years ago, before I learned how to create a fabulous life I love! The truth is, what we are taught we’re ‘supposed’ to do, does not always lead us towards the life that will truly fulfill us. We follow all the ‘rules’ and end up feeling frustrated, stuck, and alone. If you feel like the struggling and striving isn’t getting you anywhere, I get it! I know you are looking for some tender loving care and some answers!

That’s why I created “3 Steps to Release Struggle and Get Satisfaction” just for you. It’s a quick guide to give you some insight and ideas for what to do next. It includes one of my favorite Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping scripts for attracting success!


To grab your copy, join my community!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

~ Albert Einstein


woman laptop bench home brick wall

From the comfort of your laptop or phone...

Clear Your Path To Success by discovering why your subconscious may be blocking you from what you want!

Learn how to uncover and clear these blocks!

Check Eventbrite For Dates & Times!

Screenshot Clearing Your Path To Success

If you're struggling,

Feeling like you're stuck in unproductive patterns

And ready for a success breakthrough...

Tuesdays @ Noon to 1 pm

Placer County Community Development Resource Center

Cypress Conference Room

3091 County Center Dr., Auburn, CA 95603



Join the Community


Contact:  530.389.4141   •   coachjennyhughes@gmail.com


What People are Saying

C.K, Sacramento, CA

“Coach Jenny’s kind and understanding assistance has led me to move beyond my immobility. I found a new job and lost 20 lbs. I am in a financial position to purchase a home again. I even started to date again! Thanks Jenny! Your gentle encouragement has given me the confidence to jump back in my life in full force.”

K.M, Grass Valley, CA

"Jenny has a unique and profound ability to get who you are and where you are in your life. Her presence and listening skills are remarkable. The Clarity session I had with her left me with a deep feeling that she got me, and that she cared about me and my life. In additional sessions, she led me thru the completion of several deeply embedded limiting beliefs that had been behavior patterns that I had not been able to get beyond in the past. My life has transformed to one of grace, peace and success."

M.L​, Seattle, WA

“Before I came to Jenny, I was so afraid to write proposals, I would literally shake. Thanks to Jenny’s transformative techniques and guidance, one year later, I am making my goal salary, have spoken at conferences, am a published poet and about to publish my first book. I also had over $80,000 in debt miraculously paid off!”

~ Clear Your Path To Success & Create a life You Love! ~

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(530) 389-4141   •   coachjennyhughes@gmail.com
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